About Us


618 Washington Ave
Second Floor
St. Louis, MO 63101


MX Movies opened in January 2013 in the Mercantile Exchange District. Located directly across the street from the National Blues Museum and one block east of the Convention Center. MX Movies is a three-screen digital projection theatre with luxury, stadium seating bringing quality entertainment to the MX District. The generous and comfortable seating have swivel tables and liftable armrests to allow you to combine or draw the line!

MX Movies features a full bar and lounge, traditional movie fare concessions along with some fun food favorites served out of our kitchen, from personal pan pizzas, and specialty hotdogs, to pretzel sticks, quesadillas, and loaded nachos.

Ticket prices range from Adult $10 to $6 for matinee;
Terrific Tuesday pricing is $7 ALL DAY and Wacky Wednesday pricing is $5
Tax not included and certain studio/films may be exempt from special pricing
for more details on show schedules, prices, and more –

www.mxstlmovies.com online ticket sales: https://www.fandango.com/mx-movies

The Gift of Movies! Gift Certificates are Available for purchase when visiting MX Movies.
We also have reward program cards for frequent movie goers!

MX Movies offers more than the best theatre experience. The modern lobby with full bar also features a big projection screen perfect for Mario Kart gaming or watching your favorite sports team win. And on occasion, the fun also includes Movie Trivia and Gaming Tournaments featuring awesome district prize giveaways! Details can be found on Facebook: